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Started by joaorossi 2023-04-18 at 02:20
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I signed up this month - as well to another two - after being on another one for many years and I intend to reach the limit on the first one - where I am investing and should reach tops in a few months - and then do the same here (maybe it is even better than the other, but I already started investing there a few months ago .

The thing here is that we get paid to watch adds, but the site is so full of other adds which drive me crazy!! There is one right now about some lucky spin on the bottom left I cannot get rid of!!! Guys, I know you are making money here!!! There is so much you can make and not live enough to spend it all, nor even your grandchildren!!!! Spare us just a little bit, I promise I will deposit money, rent referrals, get direct ones, even advertise here!!!!!

But please, spare us just a little bit!!!!!!

Thank you!!!
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It is at your end only,
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