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Exchange coins to pay pal

Started by tayoob 2018-12-19 at 21:19
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What taxes do you pay?
ANd what is the future Tax Plan?
I live in California and recently sold a pair of binoculars on the Bay to a buyer also in California. I'm not sure if I'm reading the transaction report correctly, but the Gulf levied sales tax on the buyer, and it looks like I have it in my hands.
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I see that taxes are increasing more and more every year! When the state stops doing this and gives the workers a minimum tax. Yes, there are good salaries in America, but we pay huge taxes, so it shouldn't be! We need to leave something behind. And I can see from the graphs that every year at least a couple of tenths of the tax becomes more. Let it be better to raise taxes on business people, and we ordinary people should not be touched. Oh, I remember when I was still young and did not know about the tax system. _____________________________________
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