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How To Setup Paid To Click Ads

Started by fathurmoygp 2013-12-19 at 02:39
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1. Click Setup Paid To Click Ads menu

2. Choose Paid To Click Ads in manage menu then click here to add a new advertisement

3. in Tittle fill with your ads name
in subtittle fill with a short explanation about your ads
target URL >> your Reff link/website link
premium member only >> choose YES if you want only upgraded member can click your ads, and choose NO if you want every member can click it..
Ad value >> choose what suitable for you
check all countries if your ads can be click for any member from any country
check term of service

then click SEND

4. if successfull it will displayed like this

5. Validate your ads


6. Click allocate to allocate your ads credits to your ads

you can see your credits in Advertising balance state

you can allocate it all or just some

Click Allocate, then if successfull gonna be like this


you can delete, pause. allocate more credit or set max click to this ads via this menu


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