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PTSU/Offer Guide

Started by fathurmoygp 2013-12-18 at 15:24
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1. Select a PTSU/Offer

-- Most Likely, the Title will tell you what site to join.
-- For this example we pick the 1st one.
-- The offer looks like this.

2. Read the instructions provided and follow it carefully.
-- Take note that you have to follow every instruction that the advertiser used to be credited.

-- Make sure you fill out all the fields required.
-- Include your username/e-mail that you used in your sign up.
-- Provide other information such as the confirmation e-mail that was sent by the website or screenshot.
-- The more proof that you provide, the larger the chance that you will get credited!

3. Click SEND

4. A confirmation box will appear.
-- Confirm if you are sure.

5. You can monitor your progress by going to Your Account
-- Logs
-- PTSU History

-- From here, you can check up on your PTSU signups status.

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Quote: buxer

Why you join the YGP PTSU offers if you don't want to be active?
You can see the normal activiti in the same picture (second and the third one)
The average of clicks are more than 12 clicks per day.

_And every active member will be rewarded._

if they didnt active, according to a rule that advertiser made in PTSU, just dont approve them.. your PTSU Credits will not be reduced and they will not get paid ;)

thats why advertiser should make an instruction carefully.. for this one offer, i think its clear and very good


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